Kybernet 2016

Kybernet allows you to automate your daily routine. Program capabilities: quick notes, auto run, passwords manager, file encryption, messages reminder, hotkeys.

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resize the window! won't fit on screen!!

due to eyesight problems i have my screen set to 1024 x 768, the application window is bigger than this so the miminise button is off the screen and inaccessible. shame because it looks like a good program otherwise.
tim, 30.05.2016, 11:26
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Tell you but not enough space to type anything

This program is not ever going to run 24 / 7 on my computer so I wouldn't buy this due to lack or any type of controls or settings. It doesn't allow for minor changes or tweaks. Like one of the others mentions the fonts are to big for the tiny...
nomadss1, 30.05.2016, 15:19
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Auto minimize the program window if clicking elsewhere

It's annoying to always have to click on the arrow in the top right if I want to minimize the program window. So much easier if that would happen automatically when I'm clicking somewhere else on the desktop. Thanks!
M. Aronson, 30.05.2016, 18:19
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Window Re-Size Problem

steve, 30.05.2016, 18:20